Hemingway’s Style and Today’s Business Writer

My commitment to writing traces back to the moment I discovered “The Hemingway Reader.” It’s one of the books I’d grab if our house were on fire. The observations and excerpts in Charles Poore’s foreword have shaped my writing efforts in journalism, playwriting, fiction, poetry, technical writing, marketing writing—every kind of writing I’ve ever done. Continue reading

How Do a Bunch of People Write with One Voice?

The trouble with companies is that they’re full of people, and people insist on having unique personalities and distinct voices. It’s no wonder that, when we take an honest look at our content, issues of consistency and tone of voice invariably creep into our conversations. Continue reading

Empower Your Team to Write with One Voice While Still Sounding Like Themselves

As long as companies are full of people, and as long as people insist on having separate personalities and distinct voices, companies need to take action to empower their content teams to write with one voice. Check out this free recording of my webinar “Empower Your Team to Write with One Voice While Still Sounding Like Themselves.” Continue reading

How to Write the Kind of Descriptions Your Readers Crave

Your readers crave descriptions so compelling that they see, smell, touch, hear … experience what you’ve put into words. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, for pleasure or for pay, Ali Shaw’s new video explains how you can meditate your way to the descriptive details that may be eluding you. Continue reading

Writers, How Much Should You Leave Unsaid?

I chopped off the first four paragraphs, massaged the middle, and refashioned and refashioned the ending—oh, how I wanted to say things there!—until nothing remained but what had happened. Continue reading