Hello, Writing.Rocks

Good-bye, HowToWriteEverything.com.

Hello, Writing.Rocks.

That’s Writing Dot Rocks.

Today, my webmaster, Tina Granzo, flipped the switch on this new domain name. Who knew there was such a thing as dot-rocks? I sure didn’t until I met Ron McCabe a few weeks ago. (Thank you, Ron, for bringing this news to my attention.)

This new website ushers in a new book, my second: You Can Say That Again: 750 Redundant Phrases to Think Twice About, illustrated by Brian Poulsen. Look for the print version on Amazon around April Fools’ Day.

Take a peek!

Want to consider reviewing this new book on your blog? Let me know in a comment below, and I’ll send you a free PDF. No strings.


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