with Marcia, Author of Word Up! How to Write Powerful Sentences and Paragraphs (And Everything You Build from Them)

Video Interviews

Feb. 28, 2013: Interview with tech-comm blogger Tom Johnson as part of his report, “Videos and Reflections from the 2014 Intelligent Content Conference.”

April 29, 2013: Interview with writer, teacher, and blogger Darin Hammond.

April 23, 2013: Interview with AM Northwest hosts Helen Raptis and Dave Anderson. You can watch the six-minute video on the AM Northwest website or watch it here (if your device displays the video below):

Written Interviews

Caroline Leavitt Interview with Marcia by Caroline Leavitt, book critic for The Boston Globe and People—April 9, 2013
How to write interview with Marcia & Ryan Schneider Interview with Marcia by novelist Ryan Schneider, “Author Spotlight”—January 8, 2013 (and April 30, 2013)
Scott Abel | How to write Interview with Marcia by The Content Wrangler, Scott Abel, in the Society for Technical Communication magazine, Intercom—November/December, 2012 (PDF)
Angel Candelario interviews Marcia Riefer Johnston | How to write Interview with Marcia by “Technical Writer in Action” founder, Angel Candelario Rodriguez—June 29, 2012

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