6 thoughts on “To each their own

  1. I am often perturbed by this use in written media and am tempted to correct people when they do it when speaking (though I don’t actually do it unless it’s my own children at home). I hope that while this merging of singular and plural has become common usage, it will never be officially sanctioned in grammar texts and well-written documents.

  2. This just in from WordPress. The irony is too perfect not to share. “Howdy. [Name] recently read your post, titled ‘To each their own’ and enjoyed it enough to click the ‘Like’ button. Here is the post they liked [link], and here is their info [URL, etc.]. You might want to see what they’re up to. Perhaps you will like their posts as much as they liked yours.”

  3. When I came up with this title, “To each their own,” I assumed that it would clunk for any reader. What was I thinking? When I flipped open People Magazine at the hair salon today, a full-page Honda Civic ad blared TO EACH THEIR OWN with no hint of irony. Here’s the online version of the ad (which, as of this moment, has garnered 394,177 Facebook “likes”):


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