Bumper-Sticker Wall of Fame

Be-verbs. You’ve read about them in Word Up! You’ve heard about them in the workshop. Now you can spread the word. Join the few. The proud. The wordies. Get the bumper sticker. (Scroll to the bottom to order.)

Be-verbs: they're everywhere. See? Will Fleming and Jodie Gilmore know.

Be-verbs are everywhere. (<— See?) Will Fleming and Jodie Gilmore know.

I attended one of Marcia’s webinars on writing. When I heard what she had to say about be-verbs, I nearly jumped out of my chair. She shared the best discussion on passive voice I had ever heard! One slide showed a bumper sticker that didn’t exist. I convinced her that I needed one. We brainstormed together, and now, voilĂ . I’m proud to have contributed to the history of her new bumper sticker. Get yours today, along with her fabulous book!
—Barbara Beresford, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Last modified: October 21, 2022