Bumper-Sticker Wall of Fame

Be-verbs.¬†You’ve read about them in Word Up!¬†You’ve heard about them in the workshop.¬†Now you can spread the word. Join¬†the¬†few. The proud. The wordies. Get the bumper sticker. (Scroll to the bottom to order.)

Be-verbs: they're everywhere. See? Will Fleming and Jodie Gilmore know.

Be-verbs¬†are everywhere. (<‚ÄĒ See?) Will Fleming and Jodie Gilmore know.

I attended one of Marcia‚Äôs webinars on writing. When I heard what she had to say about¬†be-verbs, I nearly jumped out of my chair. She shared the best discussion on passive¬†voice I had ever heard! One slide showed a bumper sticker that didn’t exist. I convinced her that I needed one. We brainstormed together, and now, voil√†. I‚Äôm proud to have contributed to the history of her new bumper sticker. Get¬†yours today, along with her fabulous book!
‚ÄĒBarbara Beresford, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Last modified: September 12, 2015

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