7 thoughts on “Word Up! Lifts Off with a Caption Contest

  1. Love it, Jen. If you want your comment considered for the contest, please pop over to the Content Rules post and add your comment there, too. (They’re the ones who’ll be picking a winner.) Thanks for playing.

  2. After watching your fantastic TV interview, I’d have to caption this: “Air Time”.

  3. Thanks for taking time to comment, Dave. I think of that interview as my six minutes of fame.

  4. Thanks for the smile, Mo. If you’d like to enter your comment in the contest, be sure to note it on the Content Rules post as well. (The folks at Content Rules will be picking the winner.)

  5. P.S. I love your play on words. If you want to submit this caption to the contest–even though the TV interview doesn’t factor in there–be sure to note your suggestion on the Content Rules post as well. (They’ll be picking the winner.)

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