Book #1!

Today, for the first time, I held my book in my hands.

The way to the Espresso Book Machine at Powell’s Books.

Even though we have six months to go until the official release date—April 27, 2013, National Tell a Story Day—today was a milestone day. Vinnie Kinsella, editor and book designer extraordinaire, met me at Powell’s Books, where Alex was printing a proof copy on the Espresso Book Machine.

Powell’s staffer Alex watches as the first copy of “Word Up!” makes its way through the machine.

“Word Up!” gets its edges trimmed. The machine has glass walls so that eager authors can watch the miracle in progress.

It’s a book!

Much remains to be done before the final edition gets printed in the spring. The glossary and index are missing, and the final proofreading has yet to be done. This edition is an advance reader copy (ARC) that will go out to 110 people this weekend, courtesy of Scott Abel, a co-organizer of the Content Strategy Workshops to be held in Portland next week. A heady moment for a girl who always wanted to write a book.

The handoff. Alex tells me that I’m the first to compare him to a midwife. I tell him to get ready. Karen Goodyer, the woman whose book he printed right before mine, appears and takes our picture. She says she feels like she has just delivered a baby.

Vinnie is wondering how he’s going to make all of my latest edits in time for the big print run this weekend. (Thanks to Anne Miller, another writer whom we met at the Book Machine, for taking this photo.)

Thanks, Herr Gutenberg and all who have followed in your large footsteps to make this day possible.

Vinnie did it. In one day, he turned around all of my requests for tweaks—and then made one final eleventh-hour fix. I’m e-mailing the file to Alex tonight: Friday, Oct. 5. The books might be ready to pick up Saturday night. Tomorrow. Printed books. Over hundred of them. They’ll be less convenient to cart around than the idea of a book. I’m ready for the heft.

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  1. My heart swells with pride! I can hardly wait to hold a copy in my hands. I’m so happy for you!!

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