Hello, Writing.Rocks

Good-bye, HowToWriteEverything.com.

Hello, Writing.Rocks.

That’s Writing Dot Rocks.

Today, my webmaster, Tina Granzo, flipped the switch on this new domain name. Who knew there was such a thing as dot-rocks? I sure didn’t until I met Ron McCabe a few weeks ago. (Thank you, Ron, for bringing this news to my attention.)

This new website ushers in a new book, my second: You Can Say That Again: 750 Redundant Phrases to Think Twice About, illustrated by Brian Poulsen. Look for the print version on Amazon around April Fools’ Day.

Take a peek!

Want to consider reviewing this new book on your blog? Let me know in a comment below, and I’ll send you a free PDF. No strings.


14 thoughts on “Hello, Writing.Rocks

  1. You rock, Girl! Love your new name. Would be glad and humbled to read your new work. And review it. Down with Redundancy!

  2. Nice job!! I’m so glad you are following up your awesome Word Up! with another foray into language. Btw, do you read Jasper Fforde?

  3. Now I can’t wait for a “dot awesome”
    Thanks for the enlightenment and congrats to you.

  4. Lauren, You might be onto something with “dot awesome.” Thanks for your note.

  5. Thanks, Jen. I haven’t read Jasper Fforde. I take it you’re a fan.

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