Marcia Talks Up Writing on AM Northwest

When did you last hear people talking on TV about the importance of grammar and writing skills? If it’s been too long, today is your lucky day. AM Northwest hosts Helen Raptis and Dave Anderson interviewed Marcia Riefer Johnston about Word Up! this morning.

You can see the six-minute interview on the AM Northwest website (from any device) or watch it here (if your device displays the video below):

9 thoughts on “Marcia Talks Up Writing on AM Northwest

  1. Thanks, Danielle. I had a blast. (I’m not charging for autographs yet.)

  2. I’m encouraged to see a morning news show spotlight a book about language use and writing! Great interview.

  3. You can thank my publicist for that show, Wendy. It would never had occurred to me to pitch the book to a talk show!

  4. The two interviewers sounded like they had actually read the book — not just been fed a summary as might often happen.

  5. What a nice interview! The hosts hit just the right note of interest and appreciation while highlighting some common language issues. Viewers will have learned something by osmosis! In addition, your realistic and accepting answer to the “our English language is going to the dogs” question most likely impressed many. It certainly impressed me. All of that should nicely boost word-of-mouth. 🙂 Congrats!

  6. Thanks for your note, Linda. The way I answered that question just came to me; it’s the way I feel. People have been saying that English is going to the dogs for as long as English has been around.

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