Seeking 10 More Redundant Phrases—Help Me Hit 1000!

Update: Thanks to the responses to this post, our list of redundant phrases hit 1000 within a few hours. The promised article—”‘I Used to Be an Ex-Manager’ & 1000 Other Redundancies“—went live the next day.

Original post:

My list of redundant phrases has continued to grow since You Can Say That Again came out last April. Can’t help it; I’m powerless against these devilishly delicious distractions. Ten more, and we’ll hit 1000.

Will you help me? Enter your candidate phrases in a comment below … I mean, in a comment. (Oooh, “in a comment below” is going on the list! Nine to go now.) Any phrases that I don’t already have may land on the list.

Let ’em fly, folks!

You Can Say That Again—redundant phrases

37 thoughts on “Seeking 10 More Redundant Phrases—Help Me Hit 1000!

  1. Twitter user @tiredtvterms is collecting a bunch of redundant / cliche phrases from television land.

  2. Hi, Marcia,
    From the growing folder of infelicities, some simple and some beautifully not, that I sent you earlier. I wish I knew how to italicize in this format!
    1) .…the second oldest of five children…
    2) The lure of the locker room — the fellas, as Magic Johnson said when asked what he would miss about playing — held little appeal. (I love the balance, here, with “lure” at one end and “appeal” at the other.)
    3) … the bride and groom hurriedly scurried …
    4) … the decision to allow the first-ever sorority in the neighborhood could set a precedent for generations to come…
    5) Recommended Action:
    It is recommended that the Committee review and comment on the components of the recommended policy for going forward with the management and operation of animal care and control operations in Evanston. Upon approval by the Committee of these recommendations, it is recommended that the City Manager be directed to negotiate a one year agreement with C.A.R.E. for the operation of the Evanston Animal Shelter pursuant to these policies.

  3. Examples of redundancy
    First discovered/invented
    Cut into two equal halves (a twofer!)
    Totally unique
    unexpected surprise
    more completely inhibited (this drug more completely inhibits this pathway)

  4. Lotta, I could see this phrase being redundant. Often, though, “already” implies meaning that “have” alone doesn’t. (“I have ten dollars” states a fact. “I already have ten dollars” implies a response to something.) Thanks for suggesting it, though. I’ve added your name to the “Acknowledgments” section for contributing. Let me know your last name, please, if you’d like me to include it.

  5. One expression I hear quite frequently (through gritted teeth) is: “at 7 AM in the morning” (or with hour variants).

  6. Hi Marcia — nice to e-connect!
    How about “luxury yacht” which I’ve heard repeatedly over the past 12 hours.

  7. Hi again, Marcia. It’s hard to stop thinking about redundance:
    1) an eternity ring (okay, call me a curmudgeon)
    2) a solution of salt and water
    3) ripe for the picking
    4) a caryatid in female form
    5) icy sleet (in this part of the country, just “sleet” doesn’t cut it).

  8. – Navigate back – Click Exit to exit the screen and navigate back to the XYZ screen.
    – Revert Back – Please revert back for any questions.
    – Old adage.
    – In case if you -In case if you have any questions, let me know.
    – Can you please repeat again?
    – Completely eradicate
    – Climb up
    – Clearly define
    – PDF format
    – Linked together, join together
    – ATM machine
    – Current Trend
    – Centers around
    – Evidence (to suppor that)
    – Express regret
    – Heavy emphasis

  9. I call redundant phrases “baby puppies”. Substitute any term for young animals: baby kittens, baby foals, baby chicks, baby fawns….

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