10 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time at Powell’s Books: A Fairy Tale in Pictures

  1. Loving every minute of it, Danielle. Whee! (The virtual books are, in fact, available to order, at least on Amazon–and people will get the books right away–but a software glitch makes it appear otherwise. We’re working madly to get that resolved.)

  2. What a WONDERFUL day for a brand-new author!

  3. Happy to be one of the three lucky ones who got their copy that day!

    Congrats Marcia! May all the others fly off the shelves as well…


  4. I’m happy that you got one, too, Susan. Thanks for your note.

  5. Yep. Five more. Yesterday they were down to the last copy: time to restock again. Thanks for sharing the joy, Jen.

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