Word Up! Gets a Social-Media Makeover by the “APE” Team

Word Up! is getting a social-media makeover. By whom? None other than Guy Kawasaki, author of the new bestseller APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur–How to Publish a Book, and social-media aficionado Peg Fitzpatrick. Naturally, they’ll use social media to do it.

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Make a Hash(tag) of Your Tweets

HashtagKeith Kmett, a user-experience enthusiast whom I met through the social-media magic of Google+, responded to my last post (What Brand RU) with this comment: “I would add that social media can also help your personal brand.” Keith’s note prompted me to add a new section to that post. Below is the new section in standalone form—with all-new images.

A hashtag—a # symbol plus a text string, like #ThisIsAHashtag—is a powerful symbol for getting your words seen. Even if you’ve never sent a tweet (a brief message on Twitter) in your life and think you never will, you ought to know what hashtags can do. If you tweet without hashtags, you limit your visibility. Add a hashtag to any tweet, and you instantly reach many more people.

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