The proverbial “proverbial”

My New Year’s resolution is to stop turning over plain old “new leaves.” From now on, the only kind I’ll be turning over will be “proverbial new leaves.” Nothing livens up a cliché like “proverbial.” It wafts away the tiredness effortlessly, like a breath of fresh air. A proverbial breath of fresh air.

Who knew writing could be so easy?

What about you? What’s your resolution?

3 thoughts on “The proverbial “proverbial”

  1. I have a mild addiction to using the word proverbial. Honestly, if I could use it in every third sentence, I would. Other words I simply cannot get enough of include: pantheon, quite, utterly, absurd, horrendous and horrific. I also have a severe obsession with the exclamation point!!! I have always wondered why certain words appeal to me while others don’t.

    Anyway, thanks for starting a “proverbial” bonfire of linguistic self-inquiry in me this morning.

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