Tighten This! Challenge Sentences [index]

Tighten This! Weekly Challenge Questions

Here are the Challenge Sentences from the Tighten This! game that ran every week on this website from May 2015 through August 2016.

Special Emergency One-Time-Only Revival Competition Edition: Effective May 11th, 2017, we have kicked off Sprint 2 of the Staff as Solutioned initiative with the introduction of a formal Domestic approval on Domestic staffability from relevant Staffability approver(s) during the deal release process to prevent potential profit leakage due to staffing issues.

Challenge Sentence 60: The successful candidate will be the key leader and customer advocate working closely with the Strategic Account and Sales Leaders across J&J to facilitate execution against strategic account terms, interface with account management executives and sales leaders enterprise-wide to align and deliver high quality service and value, ensure coordinated execution of customer solutions through clinical and economic services and programs, and facilitate the management of and coordinate direct sales personnel and resources.

Challenge Sentence 59: There remains a lot of confusion about what buyer personas are and aren’t and how to develop them.

Challenge Sentence 58: In this tutorial you’ll find a demonstration of techniques for eliminating preposition bloat through the process of editing your writing with care in a short amount of time when you’re under the pressure of a deadline.

Challenge Sentence 57: Often, the focus is on transferring meaning and vocabulary, so much so that the tone of the target text is lost by the time the translation is finished.

Challenge Sentence 56: This individual uses their understanding of the marketplace to advise and lead internal partners through the proposal, conception, and implementation of technical program promotion campaigns via the various internal communication channels.

Challenge Sentence 55: The adoption of virtualization technologies in the data center has opened the environment to a multitude of synchronization issues between the network configuration at the hypervisor layer and the physical network configuration.

Challenge Sentence 54: I thrive in environments where I interface with the public, learn new applications, develop artistic communications, and resourcefully bring projects to fruition.

Challenge Sentence 53: Engineers have given the world many products of great accomplishment.

Challenge Sentence 52: The important thing to remember is that the analytics can be pointers to potential issues.

Challenge Sentence 51: An opportunity to scan for active voice should be taken as an opportunity to root out implicit bias toward status quo systems of power by naming the actors of oppression, whether human, institutional, or cultural.

Challenge Sentence 50:¬†I spent the school year in Austria in 1975‚Äď76 at ages 16 and 17; I was profoundly influenced in ways that continue to shape me today.

Challenge Sentence 49: To monitor the potential impacts, [Company] carried out monitoring of benthic communities, including baseline surveys prior to installation, annual monitoring surveys during the installation activities, and two post-development surveys upon completion of installation.

Challenge Sentence 48: Mapping keywords to steps in the buyer’s journey makes SEO more important in ongoing marketing initiatives and also shows leadership that there are steps in the process for achieving results in the most critical keyword opportunities.

Challenge Sentence 47: When the do-hickey input is connected through external whatz-its that, when opened, whatz-itize the neutral or when the automatic backfeed whatz-itization is provided external to the equipment or is connected to an IP power distribution system, a label must be fitted at the do-hickey input terminals, and on all primary power whatz-its installed remote from the do-hickey area and on external access points between such whatz-its and the do-hickey, by the user, displaying the following text (or equivalent in a language which is acceptable in the country in which the do-hickey system is installed): <label text>.

Challenge Sentence 46: People who are in this role tend to be people who mentor people.

Challenge Sentence 45: The foundation of leadership begins with the individual and to grow as an effective leader you must understand and appreciate yourself as well as the differences of personal characteristics in others.

Challenge Sentence 44:¬†I guess the guy who put the roof on really didn’t know what he was doing and nailed the shingles on too low, and then we had a very rainy winter.

Challenge Sentence 43: What we’ve wondered of late is why companies are so open to the idea of developers getting together to hold hackathons for technical coding but are so resistant to the idea of creative people getting together to do something similar for their content.

Challenge Sentence 42: As part of OurCo’s ongoing support for our distributor partners in remaining compliant with company policies, and those of your respective governments, respecting the laws and trade association requirements that must be followed, OurCo has focused on providing both face-to-face training and e-learning modules to increase compliance knowledge.

Challenge Sentence 41: It is recommended that the Committee review and comment on the components of the recommended policy for going forward with the management and operation of animal care and control operations in Yourtown.

Challenge Sentence 40: Our mission, which is to provide the highest level of educational experience for all of our children, is of paramount importance and is reflected in the dedicated and talented professionals who work each day on behalf of our students and communities.

Challenge Sentence 39: We work collaboratively with our Towns to ensure that all budget requests address the needs of our students and align with our communities’ fiscal environments.

Challenge Sentence 38: The main benefit of the application portfolio program is transparency and to deliver all relevant information to enable the right decision making based on real facts to achieve the xyz IT targets.

Challenge Sentence 37: You know there must be a kind of reservation on my fund relocation plans to you on an open medium of this nature to avoid unscrupulous persons camouflaging in names to take advantages on innocent fellows willing to help out.

Challenge Sentence 36: The overriding point is that our existing staff should be assimilated into the acquiring company.

Challenge Sentence 35: Comparison of results for parameters determined from in situ monitoring in accordance with Sections 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 of the approved Monitoring Plan show comparable results.

Challenge Sentence 34: The kind of sociodemographic information to be included in the survey is ultimately determined by how the information has been planned to be used.

Challenge Sentence 33: As the warm water tank of the hot-water system is used, the temperature of the warm water may become lower if it is continuously used.

Challenge Sentence 32: To promote the successful completion of our customary mid-diurnal paradigm regarding the procurement of necessary nutritional supplementation and the advancement of the contemporaneous, spontaneous, and coterminous interdialoguing of affiliated human-services assets, the present contingent should initiate both direct and lateral movements as appropriate to minimize and at the end of the day eliminate the physical separation between the target population and the aliment-preparation and -dispensation facilities.

Challenge Sentence 31: Perform a thorough feature assessment and extensive testing of the operating system.

Challenge Sentence 30: Factors that are involved in prolonging the life of this device include, but are not limited to, the following: advancing the device through the endosope accessory channel in short increments, withdrawing the device from the channel gently, avoiding loops and kinks in the catheter, rolling the device into a coil that has a minimum 8-inch (20-cm) diameter, and thoroughly cleaning the device following the instructions that are included in this booklet.

Challenge Sentence 29: The core of our program is to empower young women (Aboriginal and nonAboriginals) in Australia with the skills and knowledge to make life-changing choices; we strongly believe that education is the key to improve one’s social economics and livelihood.

Challenge Sentence 28:¬†Due to the high demand and limited supply of our interval ownership single bedroom and two bedroom vacation club units and luxury RV spaces, will we be forced to offer our GREATEST ‚ÄúExchange in Abundance‚ÄĚ offers as we move forward toward completion of the Front Sight Resort, to our higher level members first, with the rest of our members only getting the opportunity to purchase AFTER the higher level members have had their first shot, and only if anything is left to purchase, which is unlikely.

Challenge Sentence 27: Collaboration and operational principles within the APM are addressing the challenges of xyzCorp IT, delivering high quality solutions and added value to the business by continuous standardization and cost reduction where possible.

Challenge Sentence 26: The adoption of a well-designed and well-managed continuous monitoring solution will transform the company’s static compliance-based risk-determination process into a dynamic process that will also enable essential, time-sensitive security information to reach organizational officials within a timely manner, allowing the appropriate cost-effective risk-based decisions regarding their operation.

Challenge Sentence 25: The line manager or a mentor should be allocated to each new employee to act as a guide and counsellor during the induction process so that new members of staff learn about the company and are given the necessary support and opportunity to put their learning into practice in the workplace.

Challenge Sentence 24: Effective January 1, 2015, SuperCompany has ceased operations at this location. For further information, correspondence should be addressed to our headquarters.

Challenge Sentence 23: Our school is committed to improving the learning environment for all of our students in order to graduate them college and career ready in order to succeed in a global economy.

Challenge Sentence 22: The strategic decision to upgrade your system depends heavily on the expectation of a long-term benefit in terms of productivity and overall cost and return on investment.

Challenge Sentence 21: Circumstances beyond our control (weather, etc.) are creating disruptions to our scheduled service, and a flight on which you are currently booked may be adversely affected, so, to minimize your inconvenience, we are offering you the one-time opportunity to change your flight date or time at no additional cost in accordance with our established reaccommodation practices if, for your departing flight, your travel dates are 8/26/2012 to 9/9/2012 and, for your returning flight, your travel dates are 8/26/2012 to 3/8/2013.

Challenge Sentence 20: The GoldenSneakers fitness program is designed exclusively for older adults and offers them an innovative blend of physical activity, healthy lifestyle direction, and plentiful social opportunities.

Challenge Sentence 19: What would be the faculty reception accorded the introduction of such a proposal by the Council?

Challenge Sentence 18: To the extent that MegaCorp operates under the auspices of these contracts, MegaCorp has an affirmative responsibility to meet its contractual, regulatory, and statutory requirements when acquiring goods and services to be used in the performance of its government contracts.

Challenge Sentence 17: I have very vital information to give to you, but first I must have your trust before I reveal it to you because it may cause me my job, so I need somebody that I can trust for me to be able to reveal the secret to you.

Challenge Sentence 16: The St. Louis County Police Department was involved in an officer-involved shooting involving a black person.

Challenge Sentence 15: Our company has realized savings by identifying money-saving opportunities through supplier consolidation.

Challenge Sentence 14: Do use a wet soft cloth, dipped into water and wrung out, to wipe the dirt. Then use a dry soft cloth to dry up the device.

Challenge Sentence 13:¬†It is Juno’s intention to give an explanation of the app to her teenage grandson during the time of¬†his next visit to see her.

Challenge Sentence 12: This tool helps companies identify which of the 60 most likely cyberattack scenarios are relevant to their situation.

Challenge Sentence 11: One of the key stakeholders was really late to the meeting due to the fact that she had been absolutely certain that its starting time was supposed to have been a half an hour later than the actual starting time.

Challenge Sentence 10: To be honest, she found her neighbor who lived next door to be quite attractive in appearance.

Challenge Sentence 9: The main objective is invariably to focus on the management of change within the organisation which is by definition a key consideration when introducing a new working practice or changing a software application.

Challenge Sentence 8: Spurred by evidence that students’ future studies are highly influenced during middle school, recent efforts have seen a growing emphasis on introducing computer science to middle school learners.

Challenge Sentence 7: It is unlawful to ride a bicycle, horse or any other vehicle on State Game Lands before 1 p.m. from Saturday, April 11th 2015 to Saturday, May 16th 2015 and it is closed all day from Monday, May 18th to Saturday, May 30th, except on Sundays due to Spring Gobbler Season.

Challenge Sentence 6:¬†This problem can be difficult; you’re¬†encouraged to approach it with creativity.

Challenge Sentence 5: All original executed contracts and change orders are to be forwarded to the designated person in each office for filing in a central location.

Challenge Sentence 4: This institution reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.

Challenge Sentence¬†3: It is advisable for you to read the notes and information detailed in the attached form and complete the form prior to its return to us in person by December 1 at the address you will find at the bottom of the form under the heading ‚ÄúReturn to.‚ÄĚ

Challenge Sentence 2: It is highly unusual to discover a person who has never told a fib.

Challenge Sentence 1: If you are entertaining the expectation that you will effectively achieve a measure of success with your content-marketing program, you may want to consider a shift in your thinking: think of it as relationship building instead.

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