Try not to try

Sometimes it’s okay to try. Go ahead and try a new recipe. If someone you love has had a trying day, by all means try a little tenderness.

But most of the time, don’t try.

We all know what kids mean when they tell their parents, “I’ll try.”

How’s this for weak advice? (I swear I just read this in a newsletter.) “If you can’t justify the existence of some of your content, try to live without it.” Try to live without it? No! If you can’t justify its existence, dump it. Deep-six it. Sayonara, bye-bye, content, you are OUTAHERE. Ix-nay on the y-tray.

Sally’s going to try to eat smaller portions. Joe’s going to eat smaller portions. Who’s going to lose weight?

As for the Old College Try, it’s the Old College Fail. Give it the Old College Do.

5 thoughts on “Try not to try

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  2. Oh yeah, I love this. Yoda said it well, “Do or do not. There is no try.” “I’m going to try getting up earlier and taking a brisk walk before work,” is so comfortably temporary sounding. Like “I’m going to try that weird looking green food on the tray.” We don’t feel so bad if we don’t make it past the third day of early walking. But leaving the back door open assures we will take it. You are right — much better to take out the TRY bit.

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