4 thoughts on “When is a step not a step?

  1. This is an instance where I have not experienced what you are describing, but I see the problem. I think the people who wrote those examples have given me directions to their house! A pet peave of mine. If you cannot give directions to a place, you should not be allowed to live there.

  2. I have definitely seen this before, and in many cases I think it is just a matter of poor editing. In many cases the nonstep is just providing more information about the previous step and they could be combined , but in some cases I think the nonstep could be reworded as “wait for x to happen” or even “note that x has happened.” Great post!

  3. Becca, I’m with you. The action and the result belong in the same step. Usually, in fact, the result goes without saying. In Example 3 Step 4, for instance, it’s unlikely that anyone needs confirmation that “The Password Reset attributes appear.” People following these steps will be seeing these attributes on the screen for themselves. Unless you have reason to think that they’re wondering about the result (“Am I supposed to be seeing these attributes?”), forget about the “X happens” descriptions. Cut from action to action. Step 4: “Select the Password Reset attributes….”

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