Word Up! Advance Reader Copies—Get Yours Today

bookwormRelease your inner bookworm: write a review of Word Up! How to Write Powerful Sentences and Paragraphs (And Everything You Build from Them). Free PDF to all who’d consider blogging or otherwise posting (on Google+, Goodreads, Facebook, etc.) about this book.

Send me your email address—and let me know the URL where you will post your review if you decide to write one. (Click “Contact” above.) No obligation, no strings.

Thanks to all who have already said yes.

Release date: April 27. I’m asking reviewers to post mid-April.

For a peek, click the “Excerpts” tab above.

6 thoughts on “Word Up! Advance Reader Copies—Get Yours Today

  1. Thanks for your enthusiasm, Jen. I’ll send you a PDF. (I just read about your cat. My childhood cat, Midnight, used to chew on my earlobes. I’ve never known anyone else who had that experience–and fessed up to it.)

  2. Dear mam I AM FROM india ,I want to read your book for my improve writing skill but I can’t afford the book cost

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