Word Up! Goes to the Movies

When the movie Boulevard comes out, Robin Williams, as usual, will get the acclaim. I can see it now. His name goes up in lights. His lovable mug looks down from all the posters. His character tugs at moviegoers’ hearts. As usual, the unsung, uncomplaining heroes of the movie never catch the slightest sliver of spotlight. I’m talking, of course, about the props.

Admit it, you’ve never gone to a movie for its props.

I, for one, believe that it’s time to “give props” to the props. And what better movie to start with than Boulevard, which happens to feature Word Up? Okay, the book isn’t exactly featured. But in the pivotal scene for our prop, if you squint, you can tell that it’s a book. If you zoom in (look for the stool in the corner), you can almost make out the title. In its own humble way, this fuzzy book, like the rug in The Big Lebowski, holds the room together. It holds the scene together. Heck—why not say it?—it holds the movie together.

Word Up - how to write

My friend Shannon, who’s working on Boulevard, tells me that this bit of footage may get cut. Who can account for directors’ whims? My book’s career as a prop may end before it begins. I may sit through the whole movie waiting, in vain, to laud the unlauded.

At least I’ll get to see Robin Williams.

8 thoughts on “Word Up! Goes to the Movies

  1. Marcia:

    How fun!

    FYI. Robin Williams lives in SF, down the road from me a bit.

    Should I stop by? I’m not sure I can get through security, but it could be fun.

    I could always leave a copy of your book on the doorstep.


  2. What a hoot! Now I absolutely HAVE to put “Boulevard” on my To Watch list. 😉

  3. Scott, If the guards hassle you, just tell them Marcia sent you.

  4. Linda, I’ll save you a seat in the prop cheering section.

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