You Can Say That Again—A new book (I mean, a book) is born today

Cover-YouCanSayThatAgainPlease join me in celebrating the release—today, April Fools’ Day—of my second book, You Can Say That Again: 750 Redundant Phrases to Think Twice About. You won’t find any April Fools’ jokes in this post; the timing is coincidental. I admit, though, I like the idea of this lighthearted book coming out on this lighthearted day.

It started with a simple idea. When Connie Giordano and Al Martine, owners of the TechWhirl website, invited me to write an article a couple years ago, I decided to collect some of the redundant phrases I ran across in my editing projects, phrases that made me smile. Why not share the pleasure?

“That one’s going on the list,” I found myself saying day after day.

After the TechWhirl article was published in October of 2013, I couldn’t stop. The list grew. And grew. I smiled every time I read or heard (or said) things like this:

  • sufficient enough
  • tall in stature
  • equal halves
  • overly paranoid
  • long-term rather than short-term
  • mutual benefit for all involved

“That one’s going on the list.”

Others caught the fever. The phrases rolled in from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Listly—even from across the dinner table. Two hundred. Three hundred. Six hundred. A new book called to me.

Now it calls to you.

You can buy a print copy—illustrated by Brian Poulsen—for $7 from Amazon. Kindle and ePUB versions are coming soon.

If you get a copy, whatever you think of it, please consider posting a brief review on Amazon. The more reviews a book has, the more Amazon recommends it to people searching for similar books.

And please tell your fellow (or favorite) wordies about it. With your help, this book can have mutual benefit for all involved.

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