Don’t say “just” (I’m just saying)

Just say no to just. You just don’t need it. Sometimes this filler word just slips out, especially right before a verb where it just adds no value. It just happens. Just forgive yourself, and just move on. You might notice that, just when you think you’ve licked the habit, it just creeps up on you again. But just don’t worry about it. With practice, you can just banish this tic. You’ll strengthen your writing — just like that.

(Credit for this topic goes to… you know who you are.)

3 thoughts on “Don’t say “just” (I’m just saying)

  1. I am a confirmed filler word junkie. The best solution I have found is to try to use filler words that add more than “just”. This is tantamount to using methadone to kick a heroin habit, but I cannot let go. There is something I enjoy about the rhythm of sentences that use filler words. They feel more natural to me (although I cannot speak for my audience!)

  2. You just keep hitting the nail on the head. I’ll try to just say no to filler words. But I’m going to keep using it when I talk. Then I will be just sayin’.

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