Noah Never Had to Build an ARC (Advance Reading Copy)

The first Word Up! ARCs (advance reading copies) have just rolled off the press. Jessica Glenn, my expert publicist, will soon launch them on their way to book reviewers. Even if you’ve never built an ARC yourself, you can imagine the milestone that this day represents—a watershed, you might say. If person-hours were cubits, this vessel would hold all the critters you could throw at it. Question is, will it stay afloat?

2 thoughts on “Noah Never Had to Build an ARC (Advance Reading Copy)

  1. Of course it will stay afloat. You have a very intelligent and entertaining style (and so does Ray). You are also kind and respectful. You don’t waste people’s time.
    The only way the book would not stay afloat is if people didn’t care about writing well. I believe there are still plenty of people in the world who care about such a thing.

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